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MYTH: SEO is not an exact science

Posted August 16, 2006 by acroterion in Google Essentials

Not true. The term “SEO is not an exact science” is using by Search Engines Marketers who do not fully understand how search engines works. It is pure and simple mathematics if you know how to do it. It is also true that the science of mathematics in general and Google in particular includes many grey areas such as Google Algorithm and Axiomatic Set Theory and more, but how do you think Google, Ask, Yahoo and MSN retrieve, sort and score the results sets for a given query? By a theory, or by a guess?! Ah, you might say that “search engines optimization” is not the same as “search engines”, not a paradox?

Trial of Galileo Galilei 1633
Trial of Galileo Galilei 1633

It is like the “Surprise Quiz Paradox”: teacher announces to his class that there will be a surprise quiz some time during the next week. The paradox is if you mentioned “search engines optimization” it also includes “search engines”!

One more idiots proof : Show me one webmaster or SEM that will not agree to one (or more) of the following statements. Think of top competive example like iPod or jewlery website and take it to Google’s first page.

  1. “I can gueantee the results if I personally had a friend who’s Google engineer”
  2. “for unlimited budget anyone can do it”
  3. “for a $100,000 I can get you enough quality links to beat any of the top ten winners”
  4. “if you buy 4 years old iPod/jewlery website with 600 outbound links – I can do it”
  5. “if you buy iPod/jewlery website with PageRank 7 – I can do it”
  6. “get me one, just one link from Amazon/NYtimes/CNN… home page and…”

Conclusion: SEO is an exact science, it all depands on what, how, how-much and when you put the things in the formula to work.

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I am Elchanan Rotstain, the CEO of Acroterion since 2001, after twenty years of academic research and direct work experience with search engines and software architecture methodologies. I known to the world as "The Search Engine Doctor", and am internationally known expert and author of a voluminous University thesis about searching methodologies, later used by the first search engine frameworks. Presently doing research with Ph.Ds at University of Alberta, University of Michigan and The Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University.

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