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MSN search displaying Google ads

Posted December 16, 2007 by acroterion in Pay-Per-Click

msn using adsense to generate clicks dollarsYou can find thousands of web posts about AdSense scam like this one I have found at Alexandru’s blog – The Anatomy of a Google AdSense Scam: “Yes another tactics used by scammers to fool Google. I wonder why Google don’t react or know about this… The approach is very simple – Copy/Paste Google generated code in your pages, and then you’ll have successful “hits” that might bring you lots of money. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’ll try to describe how “I think” they are doing… However, it seems that the inventive minds of the evil scammers has discovered a way to trick this technique, and the approach is simple – they just copy/paste the HTML code generated by Google AdWords in any of their pages. This way, I can do with ease a site with empty content, and start pasting ads from anybody I want, making good money out of it.”

Alright, the Fight To Spammers is a sure failure. But MICROSOFT !?

Searching Search3w on shows up Google AdSense on the organic side of the results page! –…
Interesting enough it happened soon after I set AdCenter account. I have no idea what’s going on! Any ideas that might help me solve this mystery?

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    Bug is solved in this particular case. Go ahead and report similar cases if you saw some.


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